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Detroit, Michigan. Not only recognized as the Motor City, Its Motown sound, Coney hot dogs and not to forget Its own personal fashion cents, but you can’t think about Detroit without mentioning the Urban dance scene. Back in the days, when blacks began to merge to the north for better job opportunities in the factories, they made their heaven in Black Bottom, Paradise Valley and the dance clubs. In this issue, I decided to follow up black history month with a bit of Detroit history. The Graystone Ballroom, owned by Motown Records, Berry Gordy for a period of time. It was the biggest ballroom around that held easily 3,500 people on the floor at one time. It was the place where all the best dancers and singers from all over would come perform and dance. Detroit is surely on the rise now, and Go Dance Detroit sat down with Miles (The Madison Man) Adolph to take us back to the good ole Detroit days. A time In which, can create quite the nostalgia for some. This is a story that everyone must know; DETROIT HISTORY! Therefore the next cover of Go Dance Detroit is proud to have Miles (The Madison Man) Adolph on it.


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