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In the blink of an eye, things can change drastically. Either for better or for worse. However, in either scenario, you have control over the ending outcome. Go Dance Detroit attended the Michigan Dance Challenge, hosted by Michigan’s own, Mark Brock in March 2018. Which in fact, is one of the biggest competitions in the country. Mark Brock always have thee most incredible performances on Saturday night, which is the main event night.

I sat in the crowed watching a couple dance an amazing routine that had everyone in awe and immediately after, receiving a standing ovation when they were done. The phenomenal part about this experience was that the lady dancing with her teacher, was in a wheelchair. My immediate thought was ‘I want to know her story. I want the entire Metro Detroit to know her story.’ There may be other people, who themselves are in a wheelchair or have a disability and could use some inspiration going into the new year. 

I finally had the chance to sit with Cheryl Angelelli and her Professional Dance Teacher, Tamerlan Gadirov in early September 2018 at Fred Astaire-Bloomfield Hills to hear her story and in weeks, Go Dance Detroit will be sharing it with you.

Sherrad Glosson -Publisher/CEO





“I may not dance with my feet, but I dance with my heart”

Cheryl Angelelli