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Sherrad Glosson
Founder & CEO
Go Dance Detroit



Everyone knows that…you can only make history once!
Meaning, there only comes one time when someone thinks of an original idea that’s never been produced before and out of that comes many more ideas compounded to the original. Knowing so, you could agree that everyone likes to be a part of history. Something that’s new, something that’s fresh, something that’s completely uncharted territory, and that’s Go Dance Detroit Magazine. This magazine is here to bridge the gap, unify and bring awareness to the Metro Detroit area, through dance! This new and exciting magazine has more advantages than you could imagine, but to name a couple…

• There are nearly 30 different dance styles in the area
• There is somewhere to go dance every day of the week

Go Dance Detroit Magazine is designed to be a resource for the Metro Detroit community. Its intent is to help highlight local dance studios, instructors, dance groups and the positive things that the Metro Detroit area has to offer. Bringing back the feeling of joy and the fun Detroit had back in the 30’S through the many jazz clubs in the area. Go Dance Detroit is here to help connect you to so many diverse groups that need access to your business right at the disposal of their fingertips.
Help us help you be a part of something that’s new, exciting, fun and great for the upliftment of a community like Detroit that’s rapidly on the RISE! Help make history with us as we embark on uncharted territory that’s long overdue.

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