Is Your Instructor Taking Lessons?

How Important is your instructors growth?

In the dance world, like any other sport, there is a constant revolving door of new information available to enhance your dance experience. There are new dance moves, techniques, music and an overall way of executing moves to make things simpler or more innovative. As a result, clients pay instructors to aid them in achieving their dance goals in the most modern way.

It’s a fact that some instructors are indeed great dancers, but not the best of teachers. On the contrary, some instructors are phenomenal teachers, but transmitting that through their body is not so eloquent. So, the question remains, do you have to be a great dancer, to be a great teacher? The simple answer is no. Take the sport of boxing for example. The most profound training coach most likely never won a title, but their mentee is on top of the world, winning titles and recognition.

Ultimately, the client decides whom they want to train with. But as a student, would you prefer an instructor that takes coaching sessions periodically, or is it a matter of the instructor meeting your dance needs at that time?

But if instructors are reluctant to getting coaching, to not only better themselves, but to also stay relevant, how are they growing as a teacher? Remaining stagnant in your own growth as an instructor stunts the growth of your students and their progression in dance.

Instructors who understand that the art of dance is ever evolving and expanding, make it a priority to take lessons and train. It is important, not only to remain relevant themselves, but they owe it to their students to divulge the latest available teaching methods.

So, instructors, do yourself a favor and take some training classes.

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