Duane Wrenn

Do you have soul? How about Energetic soulsa? Duane Wrenn, originally born in New Orleans leads the way for the Casino Rueda dancers in the Metro Detroit area. He’s the first to admit that dancing was never part of the plan. At one point in his early life, he was on tour with iconic singer, Diana Ross as her personal trainer.

With a degree in Biomechanics in Psychology, he learned over time how to use that in his dance training. Before coming to Michigan, he was recruited to go to Tusan and when he was there, someone told him the way to meet people was to go to a dance social. “It was the change in my life”, Duane notes. While there, he met an instructor by the name of, Ernesto and from that point on, he began learning dance styles such as cha cha cha and GuaGunco. He says the way he learned was the old school way. Instead of learning patterns and tricks, he was being taught by Ernesto with instruments and learning the cultural aspect.

He began studying all the rhythms of everything that was comprised into what is widely known as Salsa and Timba and when he was on tour with Diana Ross, he began to recognize different dance dialects from what heed been learning and started connecting the dots on other dance rhythms like Salsa on two and Mambo.

When asked about Energetic Sousla, he mentioned that it stands for adaptability. He says when he first started to learn dance, it was hard core Cuban music. Those rhythms resonated with him and over time, he was known as the “Cuban Style Person”. He pays homage to his teachers up to his point in his life and says that because of the way he was trained, it’s a part of his lifestyle. “The music has a conversation and a dialogue. I teach people how to read it”.

As far as his legacy, he says he wants to be known for the wellness aspect of how dance can enhance overall body movement. In a mindful perspective, he assures that dancing can be beneficial for anyone that can stand or not.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays he teaches at Mistalocks Dance Studio in Ferndale, Michigan. You can find his teaching schedule at

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