Ball Hacks

A Few Massage Hacks You Can Do Anywhere – Before or After Dancing

When dancing, your arms are lifted most of the time, creating what is called a dance frame. Over time, this causes tension in the rear deltoid muscles of your shoulders and upper back muscles. Getting frequent massages is a must, but if you don’t have time, what do you do? Well, here’s a simple hack you could use while driving.

Place a tennis ball behind your back or shoulder and rest your back along the seat of the car while driving. When you sit back, make sure your seat is in an upright position for best results. While driving, the ball will be stern enough to massage your shoulder or that pesky knot before or after dancing.

Just like the shoulders, back and arm muscles, your feet take a hefty beating. This is especially true for women who dance in heels all night long.

Try placing a golf ball under your foot (it works best when your shoes are off). While sitting, roll the golf ball along the bottom of your feet, paying particular attention to the arch and ball of your foot. If you’re standing, make sure you’re holding on to something so you can maintain balance.

This exercise will help prevent foot cramps before you begin dancing. If this exercise is practiced after dancing, it will help loosen tension in the muscle do to constant stress on the feet.

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